Hear what healthcare professionals have to say about your products.
Our panels include patients and family members, too.
Medical market research from the people who know medicine.

Clear Voice Medical Research specializes in delivering quantitative and qualitative market research data and analysis to healthcare decision-makers.

Founded in 2006, Clear Voice Research is a leading provider of market research and intelligence to the healthcare industry. As a result of increased demand from healthcare clients looking to reach a broader "community" of physicians, patients, managed care professionals, caregivers, and hospital executives, Clear Voice Medical Research was founded.

The professional team possesses a unique combination of experience in market research, survey design, data collection, panel management and healthcare services.  We serve decision-makers in multiple industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, clinical research, advertising and marketing. The team's blended experience in market research and healthcare services allows the Clear Voice Medical professionals to tailor solutions to the needs of our clients.