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Medical Decision Makers (MDM) is an online research panel and community of medical professionals. MDM provides physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals the opportunity to share their specialized opinions with their colleagues and those institutions working to improve modern healthcare. Members of Medical Decision Makers are empowered to participate in online and offline research based specifically on their specialty and experience. Whether through online, quantitative surveys or in-depth, qualitative interviews, our panelists provide the insight and experience necessary to make informed research decisions.

Research and Panel Quality

Panel Quality is the most important attribute of any panel provider. Clear Voice has implemented exhaustive methods of detecting and eliminating fraudulent panelists and uses a balanced portfolio of recruitment methods (email, phone and fax) to ensure a consistent and census-representative panel in the United States.

A leader in fraud prevention in the market research industry, Clear Voice employs sophisticated data security methods to provide clients with the valid respondent data they seek. Our research panels meet or exceed the Code of Standards set forth by the Council of America Survey Research Organizations (CASRO).

To ensure the highest panel quality, Clear Voice Research implements the following quality checks:

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